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St George's Warehouse building is a fine example of a late 19th century goods warehouse, built to a well thought-out design and with a very high specification. This should not be too surprising, considering the building was constructed by the London & North Western Railway (for joint use with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway).

The LNWR was known as the 'Premier Line' and was the largest joint stock company in the United Kingdom, collecting greater revenue than any other company in the country. It served some of Britain's largest cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"The most impressive of the new railway warehouse in West Yorkshire were at Huddersfield and Leeds. At both places whole wagons and their contents could be lifted to different levels. The LNWR/LYR goods warehouse at Huddersfield had a wagon lift projecting from the side of the warehouse".

"The goods yards of West Yorkshire's railways dealt with a truly prodigious amount of trade. Textiles predominated, as one might expect, but the variety of textiles was far greater than many assume. In raw materials there was flax, alpaca, mohair, wool, cotton, silk waste and rags. In finished products there were woollens, worsted, tweeds, mungo, shoddy, damasks, silks, linen and corduroys, not to mention items such as shawls and blankets and carpets, or the masses of yarn that was shipped to the Continent". SHEERAN G, 1994, Railway Buildings of West Yorkshire 1812-1920.

St George's Warehouse is significant for several reasons:

  • As a high status example of industrial architecture of the 19th century in Huddersfield and the UK as a whole.
  • As a surviving state-of-the-art example of engineering and transport technology.
  • As an integral element of Huddersfield's townscape and industrial and social heritage.

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